Regarding the online job services from Shine
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Regarding the online job services from Shine

This mail is to inform you that I have undergone online fraud with, from Jan 2021 I’m struggling for my refund. I personally mailed Sine and Hindustan times media about my problem.
I believed in 4 of their useless packages that I bought from their shine learning website.
I am dissatisfied with their service because only some fake recruiters are on their site and there is nothing useful for me. They make me paid for
1.      Application Booster Package
2.      Application Highlighter
3.      Education Verification Plus Package
4.      Negotiation Skills

I have already attempted to resolve this problem, by placing mails to both Shine and HT Media and placed a Cybercrime complaint as well.  I enclosed copies of my records if you need any clarification.
Unfortunately, the problem remains unresolved.

According to the discussion with the shine executive, I found my profile doesn’t require any kind of payment other than Rs 3291.14. in this they agreed Confidence in job on telephonic conversation. After that they gave a link in their shine website and took the payment. After payment it’s done by an executive named Mxxxxa after that another person contacted named pxxxxa saying himself relationship manager, consider these parties along with shine to make me suffer after the payments. the payments that I have done through the proper channel itself. After I found it’s a fraud action due to their repeated payment link sharing, that’s why I asked them to cancel on the same day and repay me my entire amount. But they are not willing to repay or give the promised services. so, I would like to request my law to Favour me to get my money back.

On my telephonic discussion I have only committed 3291.14. Due to the necessity of a job, I was forced to accept their payment of 5192.
Please help me solve this issue ASAP.
Why i need refund because
1.      Application Booster Package: No useful companies that I can found
2.      Education Verification: Verified by a kind of site named IDFy and i asked them where i can use their certificate even shine don’t know where it is valid. And an inquiry by me found that it doesn’t have any use to verify your recognized university certificate.
4.      Negotiation Skills: A video that doesn’t have any relevance
Sir/ Ma’am please take it as a serious complaint because many youngsters are in their trap due to the current scenario, they might take some violent decision that will increase the criminal records please don’t let the young successful minds choose a wrong way.

Delhi 110017, New Delhi

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