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Regarding wrong international billing by Vodafone

I am an enraged customer of Vodafone. They have violated all levels of business ethics. I was wrongly charged for a big sum of ten thousand rupees in my international billing . I also made a part payment which was ethical and correct. Now Vodafone has cut my line and barred my services as an indecent act of extortion saying if I don’t pay them (the wrongly charged bill) I would not get my services back. A lot of my colleagues have faced similar unethical billings where the personal themselves have not been able to explain the charge . I have been told by the authorised Vodafone customer care personal that my bill was wrong charged for rupees 10,000/- . I spoke to nodal office persona who promised me that this case will. E resolved. It shamelessly the next day they bared my calls and refuse to correct it . This is such an unethical form of running such a mismanaged telecom !!! With no security. It’s like your dealing with goons why are they scot free and no one does anything to correct this . Please help us

Mrs. Kerzin Mogal
Vileparle west, Mumbai 4000056, Maharashtra


    • Piyush on 02/09/2017 at 8:33 pm

    Have u taken any recourse

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