Restaurant charging more than MRP for a water bottle.

Restaurant charging more than MRP for a water bottle.

I went for a lunch at “Over the moon brew company” which is located at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. I ordered packaged drinking water bottle as well. In the end, I received a bill where the water bottle was charged for INR 65/- but the MRP on the water bottle is only INR 20/-.

I politely approached the manager and expressed this is not supposed to bill 65/- but he simply ignored my concern. I called him again near table and expressed that you cannot charge like this I could go to “India Consumer Forum” if not given a reason. For which, the gentleman has replied this is what our restaurants association has decided and it is how the things would be and mentioned Hon’ble Supreme Court gave AC restaurants to charge as per their wish.

I would like to bring this issue into the notice of the concerned officer and take necessary action. Thank you!

Secunderabad 500009, Telangana

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