Rex enterprise threatening me for money for form filling job

I have applied for job on quicker. On next day rex enterprise named a company called me for form filling job . I said i am ready to do this job. They asked my adhar card and sent me an app link in which i have to write my name only. They said if i complete this work they will pay me 2400 for 1200 form deducting 4300 if i correct 90% of 1200 form. As soon as i have given the work i felt that this work is impossible to complete in 8 days . And i emailed them that i will not be able to perform this job . Then they forced me to do the work if i don’t do the work then i will have to pay 7300 they said. But i told them that earlier they have said that if I don’t do the work then i will have to pay 4300. Then i asked them for the agreement . There was written that i will have to pay them money 4300 monthly for 11 months. And if I don’t pay them they will take legal action against me. Please help me out of this .

Baishali Basak
Biswanath 784167, Assam

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