Rs.500 Cancellation Fee by Swiggy for cancelling lunch within 3 min

I made an for Rs 995 using Swiggy App. Within 3 min, I cancelled the order realising that I made a duplicate order. I was charged Rs. 500 as cancellation fee. I was informed by customer service that they are unable to refund the cancellation fee because the restaurant already started making the biriyani (within 3). So, I requested customer service to restore the order considering Rs. 500 would be steep. They said ‘No’ that can’t be done either.

Is this rutheless business model with absolutely unregulated cancellation fees justified? Are there any laws that protect helpless consumers from this ‘Daylight Robbery’? Until they took control of the market they projected as consumer friendly. Now they are being savage with impunity.

Joe Daniel
Bangalore 560049, Karnataka

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