Samsung AC not working post 3 weeks of purchase

Samsung AC not working post 3 weeks of purchase

I bought a Samsung AC on 8th March 2022. It was fixed on 10th March – the fixing had issues and I had raised it then. The AC worked well for about 3 weeks. Since April 2nd, it is not cooling. I had reached out to Samsung customer care almost 20 times now! First time, the customer care tried to debug the issue using video call, but it did not help. Next from their service Center – Vinayaka Enterprises, technician came to visit. They diagnosed that the AC needs gas to be refilled. This was 6 days ago (April 5th) and they suggested that someone else will come and fill the gas! Till date, I do not have an update. I call them daily twice/thrice but they keep delaying. I do not understand why a technician does not come with gas filling facility. I am really surprised and perplexed at the entire customer service and behavior. I was a big fan of samsung, but I am definitely not happy about it any more! I have got emails and calls from several samsung executives suggesting they are the single point of contact – but each time the point of contact changes. Funniest part is they ask me if the service center person has reached out to me!

Hyderabad 500026, Telangana

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