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Scrap sold payment still not received

On 11th of October,2016, I had met with an accident on the Jamshedpur – Kolkata highway while I was driving my i20 car. It was such a major accident that my car got completely damaged.I have an insurance on my car with HDFC ERGO (earlier called ‘L&T Insurance’) for an insured value of Rs 3,50,050.

I claimed for the insurance around the last week of October. Post investigation of my documents and my accident case, they agreed to pay an amount of Rs 3,00,000 (2,32,000 + 68,000), as a claim amount, out of which 2,32,000 is supposed to be paid by the Insurance company and the rest, i.e Rs 68,000 is to be paid by the Salvage buyer.I agreed to the claim amount I would receive and sent him a written confirmation of the same, on a Rs 100 Stamp paper.

Post which, the claim officer(Mxxxs Mxxxxa) informed me about the salvage broker (Nxxn) and gave me his contact details. On receiving the details, I called up the Salvage broker and asked him to go to Keshav Hyundai,Kharagpur to collect my car as a scrap. The salvage broker then gave me the contact of the salvage buyer(Kxxl Yxxxxv) who would actually go to the Kharagpur Service centre to collect the same. Then, I called up the salvage buyer and the Keshav Hyundai service centre to co-ordinate the activity, sitting at home over phone.

So, as per the plan on 15th February,2017 the salvage buyer went to the service centre in Kharagpur, collected the scrap, paid the garage amount of Rs 20,500 and came to Kolkata to meet me. Then, he asked me for my vehicle documents. I had all the documents except the Smart Card of the car (As it was a second hand car, the registration name transfer was taking a long time). So in front of him I called up the Bank, enquiring about the smart card. I was told that I would receive it the next day. I hung up the phone and informed the Salvage buyer to come the next day and take the smart card and pay me the rest of the money.( Rs 68,000 – Rs 20.500).He agreed to it and left.

Next evening, I was called by the bank employee and I was given the smart card. Immediately, I called up the salvage buyer to ask him to come and take the smart card along with all the documents. He said he is a little busy and will come in 2 days. Unfortunately, those 2 days were never over. I called him up again in February but, he didn’t pick up the phone. I then decided to call up the Salvage broker to inform him about the same. He sad ok he would speak to the salvage buyer.Unfortunately, there was no success. I also called up the Claim officer (but as usual his phone was not reachable throughout. I called up the Customer care number and they said it is the Claim officer who can help and that there is no other information with them.On continuous probing, I received another contact of an assitant claim officer (Cxxxxxxxt) who can be contacted to get the details.I called him up and explained him the whole story.He said he will take care of it.

Two weeks ago, I received a cheque of Rs 2,32,000 sent by the Insurance company. However, I have still not received the remaining scrap value of Rs 47,500. My car is hypothecated by HDFC Bank. So, I need to pay them the remaining loan amount immediately as there have been emi bounces. I informed the Bank that it is a total loss case and I’m waiting for the insurance claim amount. They agreed and have asked me to pay the money asap. The cheque that is sent by the Insurance company has a Issue date mentionned as 12/03/2017 and I received it 2 weeks ago.(I don’t know what’s going on). So accordingly, the cheque is valid till the 12/06/2017 i.e for 3 months. It’s already 25th of May. I had called up the Salvage buyer a weeks ago, where he said that I’m not supposed to call him, instead I should called the salvage broker for the money. I called up the broker, and he said he is looking into it. Unfortunately,he is still looking into it and I have still not got the payment.On the other hand, the scrap buyer has already taken away my car. I’m really annoyed with this and would like to complain against the salvage buyer. The other stakeholders can be interrogated as well.It’s been a long time now (3 months) since he has taken the car and is still not paying the money.I think the salvage buyer is upto some fraud. I need your intervention here.Please help!

Subhajit Dey
Baguihati Ambagan, Kolkata 700028, West Bengal
25/05/2017 / 12:26 pm

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