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Service denied by South Mist Holidays Travel agency

I was on a trip to Kerala from 14-19 Feb, 2018 and we had arranged Car and boat cruise in alleppy via a travel agency called South Mist Holidays. When we reached alleppy, no boat was ready for us and we ended up waiting till evening 6.45 which meant we didn’t have any of the meals or the cruise we paid Rs 9000 for. Then for the night they arranged a stay in cheap boat parked and told us it cost them a lot of money due to which they can’t refund anything. Now when we called them again to refund us at least some amount, they are making a false claim that we travelled more distance than we paid for (1000km). If at all extra distance has happened, it must have been because of various trips to points they claimed a boat is waiting for us there. It was completely pointless that we went to Alleppy as the only activity we had planned to do there didn’t happen.

We have attached the initial quote they had sending which includes the house boat cost and services. after this, they had asked for 1500 extra over the 7500 in the invoice saying due to season demand, house boat is costing extra which we had transferred to them. Even though we paid entire 9000 the services were not provided.

Jeffy Poozhithara
Kurla West, Mumbai 400070, Maharashtra

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