Shop at bus stop charging more than MRP

I am on my way from Chennai to visakhapatnam and IAM travelling by private bus. All private buses will stop near a petrol bunk (chowdary brothers) which is just adjacent to R.K restaurant near nellore(kovur). There is a small pan shop adjacent to hotel in which all types of beverages n snacks will be sold. They are charging above mrp for all the products. I bought a Rs.20/- thumpsup n they asked for RS.22/- which is 10% above mrp. He is earning nearly 10% profit on all products inspite of his margin . Kindly visit the shop n take appropriate action.

Chaitanya Matsa
SRIKAKULAM 532421, Andhra Pradesh


    • ICF on 14/10/2018 at 9:14 am

    It may not be improper for a small shop to sell a little more than mrp when the shop is at a remote place and the shop has to depend on customers coming by buses. One should also consider the factors that the shop owner may be bringing in products from the city or nearby town and will have some additional costs involved in maintaining the shop.

    • A.Praveen on 12/11/2018 at 12:18 am

    Every shop near bus stand charging extra 5Rs what ever you may purchase. How to stop this corruption, do whatever you can do but we will sell like this said by the shopkeeper . Are We can’t do anything ??

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