Shopping mall charge for cloth carry bag

I’ve purchased groceries from d mart avenue Supermart ltd, chaudhary mall, gt road, ghaziabad-201001 on 12 mar 2020 at 02:51 pm. At the billing counter they charged me for qty-01 carry bag bearing code 4202 (zzz plain cot cloth) scanned copy of bill attached for your ready reference.

As in recent cases of similar type, the consumer forum has directed the firms to give free carry bag to the customer buying goods from their stores, as it is the responsibility of the firms to aid the customer to carry their products to their homes.
Quoting the same at the billing counter, firstly the executive argued and most importantly the floor manager also supported him by saying that the rule is applicable on the bags having our logo on it, and the bag we are providing is plain and doesn’t bear our logo.

From my point of view, giving plain bag instead of logo one is just a eye wash for the consumer forum. They are doing the same thing that they were doing before the direction.

Therefore, it is a humble request to kindly take strict action against it and direct d mart to not only redeem the cost of carry bag but also i want compensation for the humiliation faced by me in front of all the available customers.

GHAZIABAD 201009, Uttar Pradesh


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