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Solved Complaints 9

116.  Refund from Bagittoday – Rs.18,999/-

Mr. Subhash Malik, Dharamshala, HP (maliksubhash(at) ) ordered two packets of diamonds from Bagittoday in June (Order number 1006581601). The total order was priced at Rs. 18999 and included a blackberry and two packets of diamonds containing 3 diamonds each with a price tag of Rs. 30,000 per packet. But upon seeing the diamonds, he took the diamonds to some jewellers who verified that the ‘diamonds’ were not even worth one fourth of the price that was paid. Mr. Malik posted his complaint with ICF on 16-08-2011 and finally got full refund by December 2011.

117. Refund from Eureka Forbes – Rs.1,247

Mr. Avinash Pamnani of Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra (Email: avinashapamnani(at) had purchased new aquaguard in exchange of old model on 26 Oct 2010.  He had 3 years AMC  contract with Aquaguard for the old model. As per the company’s policy, the customers were entitled to refund for unexpired period of amc of the old machine. He was assured by the company’s sales that the refund would be made by cheque within 45 days maximum 60 days.  But Mr. Pamnani never received any refund in spite of repeatedly contact Eureka Forbes. Mr. Pamnani was asked to submit photocopies of the relevant papers as required by the company but still the refund was not forthcoming. Finally he posted a complaint with ICF on 13-01-2012 and got back his refund by 20-01-2012.

118.  Refund from Travelchacha – Rs.4,577/-

Mr. Manish Kumar of Patna, Bihar (Email: manishvet1(at) had booked a flight ticket from New Delhi to Jammu from on 23-12-2011 which was subsequently cancelled on the same day. Travelchacha notified Mr. Kumar that refund amount will be credited to his account after 1 month. However, until 09-02-2012 he did not get his refund and he submitted his complaint with ICF. The matter was taken up with Travelchacha and Mr. Kumar got his refund by 17-02-2012.

119.  Refund from GoIbibo – Rs.9,510/-

Mr. Donboklang Khardewsaw of Mawkhar, Meghalaya (Email: dunnservicesconnect(at) booked online tickets  on 13th December 2011 for 27th December Departure (Guwahati to Chennai) and 3rd January Return (Chennai Guwahati) by paying Rs 23,016. On 19th December 2011, 27th December Departure was Rescheduled to 23rd December and was asked by the Company to pay an extra amount of Rs 9,398 which was paid by me and was issued an E ticket by the company. When the passengers reached Guwahati Airport they were told that their ticket was cancelled by the Company and Rs.7,534 was even tranfrerred to Mr. Khardewsaw’s account by the Company on the same day. Since the tickets were not cancelled by Mr. Khardewsaw, he called the company on 24th December 2011 and asked them to return back my money if not in whole but at least the balance after cancellation. He was told that he would get Rs 14,000 Plus in the next  4 to 5 days.But even after waiting patiently and even calling them a number of times and sending numerous mails no refund was made. Mr. Khardewsaw posted his complaint with ICF on 25-01-2012 and the same was taken up with GoIbibo.  After negotiations, Mr. Khardewsaw got a refund of Rs.9510/- plus Rs.1000/- cash transfer and Rs.1000/- discount voucher.

120.  Refund from Airtel – Rs.5,192/-

Ms. Manisha Bali of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh  (Email: manishabali1986(at) by mistake paid Rs 7334 instead of Rs 734 (which was the actual bill) in May 2011 towards her Airtel internet bill and  landline number her friend Deepika Jain. She was told by the customer care representative that the money will be adjusted in subsequent bill or at the time of closing the connection. She had raised several requests for the closure of connection and refund. She was told that Cheque number 130867 for amount 5192 has been dispatched on 23rd Nov through BSA citi courier. But she did not receive any cheque. She finally posted her complaint with ICF on 07-01-2012 and got her refund on 27-02-2012.

121.  Refund against cancellation from GoIbibo – Rs.3947/-

Mr Shama Ballal of Bangalore, Karnataka (Email: had booked air ticket with GoIbibo on 03-01-2012 and subsequently cancelled the same. However, he did not receive refund and had been calling and mailing GoIbibo regarding. He then raised a complaint with us on 14-02-2012 and got his refund by 18-02-2012.

122.  Ebay Paisa Pay guarantee complaint:

Augustine Paul of Kakkanad , Kochi 682030, Kerala (Email: had  paid for a NOKIA LUMIA 800 used mobile phone in ebay on 19/01/2012. But the seller shipped a courier on 23/01/2012 which contained only a blank CD and a Men’s wallet instead of the mobile phone. Mr. Paul contacted the seller and ebay customer care but to no avail. His refund request was rejected by ebay. He posted his complaint with ICF on 14-02-2012 and subsequently his refund issue was resolved by 24-02-2012.

123.  Cancellation refund from ATDC, Allepey – Rs.2000/-:

Tushar Goel, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad (Email: had booked a delux houseboat for a day from the ATDC alleppy in the month of Dec but cancelled the booking day due to personal reason. Since then he had been contacting ATDC several times but it was not forthcoming. He posted his complaint with ICF on 22-02-2012 and finally got his refund back by 02-03-2012.

124. High charges levied by Citibank – Rs.1286.34

Citibank had wrongly charged Mr.Rajat Saxena, Koregaon Park Annex., Pune, Maharashtra (Email: high interest charges on his card account. Mr. Saxena posted his complaint with ICF on 29-02-2012 and subsequently the charges were reversed by Citibank.

125. Complaint regarding Faber Cook Top burst:

Anil Radhakrishnan of Bangalore, Karnataka, (Email: purchased a new Faber 3 burner Cook top with glass top in August 2011 and on 9th Nov night, while cooking, the glass top blasted and the glass pieces flew the entire kitchen and to the adjacent rooms. The entire cook top glass got powdered and the sharp glass pieces were spread across my living room and kitchen. The matter was reported to Faber Cook but the complaint remained unattended. Mr. Radhakrishnan posted his complaint with ICF on 06-12-2011 and subsequently the matter was taken up with Faber Cook. Faber Cook replaced the Cook Top with a SS model.

126.  ICICI- Money2india – Remittance failure:

Kiran R A, London (email: ) made a transaction through ICICI money2india on 17th Feb from UK, amount (HUGE NUMBER) deducted from his personal bank account on the same day. The beneficiary did not receive money after 5 days (usually it takes 3 days). After a wekk, ICICI said SBI bank might be denying transaction. After subsequent failures to transfer the money Mr. Kiran asked for the money to be returned and was assured a refund in 8 days but did not receive his refund till he posted his complaint in the forum on 02-03-2012. After further follow-ups with ICICI Bank Mr. Kiran got his money back on March 8, 2012.

127. Non-delivery by Indiatimes Shopping:

RITESH AGARWAL, Mumbai (Email: had booked one Sony Neo V phone from Indiatimes Shopping vide order no. 30000105894 and phone was to be dispatched within 7 working days. But even after 10 days he did not receive the product. Mr. Agarwal posted his complaint with ICF and finally got his product by 10-03-2012.

128. Refund from Travelchacha- Rs.33,312/-:

Arabinda Deb, Kolkata (Email: tried to book air ticket through Travelchacha for 3 persons on 09-02-2012 for journey from Kolkata to Portblair and return. He had paid Rs.33,312/- but due to technical failure at Travelchacha’s end the ticket was not booked. After this Mr. Deb had been chasing Travelchacha for refund which was not forthcoming. He posted his complaint with ICF on 22-02-2012 and ICF took up the matter with Travelchacha. Mr. Deb finally got his refund on 15-03-2012.

129. Non-delivery of products by Future Bazaar:

Arunasish Ghosh of Kolkata (Email: ordered two products on 27-01-2012 with Futurebazaarbut did not receive the products until 18-02-2012. ICF took up his complaint with Futurebazaar and finally he got the products on 23-02-2012 and 15-03-2012.

130. Money deducted by HDFC without any notice:

Ananda Jana of Kolkata (Email: posted a complaint with ICF on 16-03-2012 regarding amount deducted by HDFC from his SB account towards monthly balance maintenance charges, without any prior intimation to him. After taking up the issue with the bank the charges were reversed.

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