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Swiggy.com unfairly charged me excess amounts

Swiggy.com is an online food delivery service that takes orders and payments on behalf of customers, collects and delivers food from vendors.
The company offers paid “SUPER” membership for frequent consumers, who wish to avoid food delivery charges.  SUPER membership also entitles the consumers some freebies like free food.
I purchased SUPER membership for a month and this expired on 10-April-2019.
On 11-April-2019, I placed 3 orders on swiggy.com, paying for SUPER membership extension in all 3 orders.
Unfortunately, my SUPER membership never got activated, resulting in me paying delivery and “surge” fees on all 3 orders, not to mention missing out on free food.
When approached with this issue, Swiggy.com’s customer service accepted the issue was on account of a “technical issue” on their end and offered a refund of Rs. 20.  I disagreed and showed them they owe me a total of Rs. 165 and reinstatement of my SUPER membership.
Despite multiple follow-ups, Swiggy.com agents aren’t helping me.
I seek support of the India Consumer Forum to help bring to bear on Swiggy.com and do justice in this case.  Thank you.

Srinivas Purna
Hyderabad 500096, Telangana
Email: pxxxxxxxs@gmail.com

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