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Travel agent not refunding money after cancellation

I had booked 30 seats on 26.04.2017 for Date of Journey 16.06.2017 from Gwalior to Bhopal for Rs. 12000/- advance amount paid Rs 5000/- vide Receipt No 1123 Dt 26.04.17 Citizen Travels (India) Gwalior.

On 10.06.2017 because of distressing reports of Bus burning in and around Dewas, Indore, Bhopal high ways it was decided not to go by Bus but by train. I went to Citizen Travels Office and requested the man on the counter to cancel the ticket for 16.06.17. But as Mr.Txxxxxxi was not there no refund was made. I however sent a message to Mr. Txxxxxxxi on his mobile requesting him to cancel the ticket explaining him the reasons thereof. On contacting him over mobile he asked me to come in a day or two to take the refund.

I visited the office three four times but could not meet Mr Txxxi. Over phone he kept informing me he was out of station, or he was going to meet a patient or he was at Agra or some other excuse and kept telling me to come in a day or two.

I requested him to give me a call when he was able to refund the amount so that i do not have to unnecessarily go all the way from DD Nagar area to his office around 14 Kms. He however never gave me a call. On 28.06.2017, having fed up of his false assurances I messaged him my Account No with IFSC code and requested him to credit the amount in my account within 15 days else i would be compelled to take refuge from the Consumer forum. To this date Mr Txxxxxxxi has not credited the amount in my account.

I request your honor to direct Citizen Travels (India) Gwalior to refund the advance amount paid and compensation of Court fee and calling me to his office without intention of refunding the amount as decided by your honor.

Dev Sharma
Gwalior 474005, Madhya Pradesh

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