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Uber charging incorrect waiting fee.

I took an UBER ride as I usually do on 23 September. the pick up location was my house. it was fed by the GPS so it was the most accurate location possible. The driver could not find my location and coordinated on the call with me. I told him to stay where he is and told him that I would walk the rest of the distance to him as he was unable to locate me. so technically he never arrived at my location. I walked to him and that walking took me some time. When I boarded the cab the fare charged was extra and UBER automatically adds this to your complete fare and you are unable to debate about this charge. you have to make sure you pay this. even though the charge is Unfair. I contacted UBER multiple times by email. UBER does not even offer assistance by call. One more loophole they have. and they wouldn’t reimburse me my waiting charge of 8 rs plus saying. they offered me no explanation and kept sending a reply saying go through the policy. etc. I think it is very bad customer service, no value for consumer, bad co-ordination and unfair charges all put together.

My UBER account is under my aunt’s name. attached is the copy of the only email correspondence.

raunak mehta
igi terminal 2, New Delhi 110037
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxxa@hotmail.com

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