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Uber driver refuses to have found my lost mobile

on 2nd september eve, while returning from Mahanayak Uttam Kumar metro station to K.K.Roychowdhury Road by uber pool, i asked the driver for the charger to charge my mobile as it had drained to 2%. As i reached my destined place, it was already dark outside and i got down the car after paying him, but i left my mobile behind as it was dark. After getting down, as soon as i realised i had left my mobile phone inside the car i ran to have it by that time the driver had left. I lodged a complain in the uber help section from my parent’s phone, uber helped me to directly talk to the driver, but as i asked for my mobile, he started to refuse to have it. i am way sure that i had left it inside your car. i even remember the driver’s name and the car’s number. Car no. -1885, it was a xiaomi redmi note 3 16gb phone with golden back and blue back cover.
I have been using and recommending uber to probably every other person and i request you to get my mobile as i had many important documents in it. i coordially request you to find it for me.

Sayari Dutta
Barisha, Kolkata 700008, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com

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