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Unilateral stoppage of channels by cable provider

I am a subscriber to Asuanet Satellite Communications Limited, a cable channel provider having registered office at Thiruvandapuram. My subscriber ID is DC 91008037.I subsscribed for their 130 channel package and paid subscription in advance up to Jan 2018. They stopped giving about 12 channels of STAR abruptly without any notice. This is unlawful high handedness with no regard to the consumers’ interests. I called their customer care helpline no.9388 800 800 and demanded that these channels should restored failing which pro rata subscription has to refunded. No action has been taken by the cable company.This action is taken in case of all customers across the board.
My plea is that the cable company should restore the channels during the period of my subscription failing which subsription paid by me for these stopped channels on pro rata basis.should be refunded forthwith keeping in line with sound business ethics.

Thazhakara, Mavelikara 690102, Kerala
Email: xxxxxxxxxxs@yahoo.co.in
24/06/2017 / 10:29 am

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