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Unknown foreign object found in can of Rani Flot

I have attached images of what I found inside the can of Rani Float(Peach flavour) and I think this is the reason why the can got some black kind of stuff(maybe mold) on its top when kept in refrigerator open for a few hours and not even this but other products in the fridge got that mold too. And now i am really worried as it would have been really harmful for my health as I drank it before it got that black mold on it. It is not even bearable looking at that long jelly or paper looking thing lying at the bottom of the can which is so gross and slipped in the can out of negligence and unhygienic production techniques shown by Coca-Cola Company. That is why I decided to bring this issue here as I didn’t get any response at all from Coca-Cola company.

Harsh Agrawal
Mathura 281001, Uttar Pradesh
Email: txxxxxxxxxxxxxxy@gmail.com

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