Wrong information provided by executive for SBI Credit Card
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Wrong information provided by executive for SBI Credit Card

In month of jul’21, I visited BIg Bazar near my home for shopping. I was using SBI FBB card. Mr. Rxxxxxxxt who was there as a executive of SBI ctredit card. Told me about benefit of upgradation of SBI FBB credit card to SBI Simlify card. and also told me that after 45 days your old card will be blocked and balance outstanding will be transfer on new card. and told that told that you will get 60days time for payment and points you can redeem any other place which facility was not in old card. At the time for verification call customer care executive told me that you have not applied for upgradation but new card and Rxxxxt is telling he have submitted for upgradation of card.

When I got my new card I started utilize it. I was thinking that that all outstanding will transfer from old to new but it not happened I paid whole amount what I got message for payment. But hidden amount of approx 5500/- didn’t pay on time.  Because of that all interest and penalty I have to pay. I complained to customer care but they messed me that your issue cannot be resolve.
I am ready to pay penalty. But I want his dismissible of Rxxxxt from the job. That he cannot cheat any other for his incentive.

Bangalore Rural 560094, Karnataka
Email: gxxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com

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