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Wrong product send by Flipkart vendor

I bought a guitar from flipkart during their big billion days. I had ordered Kadence KAD BLK EQ C SPRUCE. But I got a guitar from Kadence KAD FNTR BLK EQ SC.

THE product I received is a cheaper product with a same looks made by same company. And they purposely did it to cheat the product Kadence KAD FNTR BLK EQ SC is get of guitar and accessories while KAD BLK EQ C is just the guitar .
They took the guitar from the cheaper product line, and send it in place of its expensive look alike.

Flipkart has agreed to refund the payment, but shouldn’t they , sections of Indian Contract Act and Sales of Goods Act ,they provide me with a compensation equal to the price of the two products to enable me to procure it from others.

The sellers intent to cheat is evident from the fact that I have bought 2 other items from flipkart and they had flipkart packaging with proper invoice.
But this one came with no invoice,no seller’s name or address or any written information or documents.

Manoj Das
Silchar 788007, Assam
Email: dxxxxxxxxxxm@gmail.com

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