Hathway broadbands asks for an advance payment and claims to provide you a working hi-speed connection within 48 hours. Well, please do not expect this to happen any sooner than 10 days. But you billing cycle will start from the day you make the payment.

Almost every alternate day, they have either a technical difficulty in my area, or my city, or their server is down.
The documents needed were submitted while applying for the connection. But when none of their technical issues stop them to provide internet, they disconnected our internet without any prior notice. When we make calls to their very rude customer care executives, we get to know that our documents are missing and that is why the disconnection. Sometimes, they say that ID proof is missing, other times they say that our payment receipt is missing (and the reason cannot get more ridiculous than this). So, we provided documents (ID proofs and copy of our payment receipt) once again on their emails, but their is no progress. We provided documents to several emails of their executives, as we were told to, and also to their nodal and even appellate authority emails. But the problem is still there.

During our two months of subscription of hathway broadband, we have made multiple complaints to their customer care, nodal, and appellate. In this duration, internet at home has been much of a struggle and fight, rather than a help. Currently, our internet services are disconnection with no re

Their is really nothing we want from hathway now except the refund of the amount we paid them upfront during applying for a connection. We do not wish to continue with hathway broadband.

Shilpi Mehrotra
Kavuri Hills Phase 1, Madhapur, HYDERABAD 500086, Andhra Pradesh
Email: shilpi11.mehrotra]@gmail.com / 02/12/2015 / 10:36 pm

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