Complaint regarding irrational charges by Axis Bank

I am an Axis card customer. I did a transaction of around 1500 and missed to pay the dues by due date. Then I went abroad. When I returned I came to know that the dues are now exceeding 6000. I wanted to pay off the dues post write off of huge levies done on my card but the bank is not writing off n forcing that I shd pay the whole. They HV also spoilt my CIBIL score. I believe that there shd be some powers given to innocent customers who want to pay and when they do not get a favourable reply they are forced to be will full d faulters. Also I have a home loan also with the same bank and now bank is forcing me that they what term that Lian as also NPA.

Naresh Shivnani
Dwarka, New Delhi 110075

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