Complaint regarding termination services by Vodafone while intl roaming

I am writing this email to you sharing my traumatic experience encountered with Vodafone whilst i was supposed to be on ‘ HOLIDAY’ in Australia. My whole family has been with you guys for a very long time, dating back to when it used to be ORANGE. I have never once defaulted on my bill payments till date. I embarked to Australia on the 29th of May and had activated the International roaming service on my phone to which i had received a confirmation. During this time, I had also decreased my credit limit to INR 2000, and received confirmation of the same.

On 1st June 18, I decided to activate the I Roam 5000 pack, as I was travelling alone around different parts of Australia and figured it would make sense to do the same as it was my first visit there. I also received a confirmation from you guys stating that the same was activated.

On the 02nd June 18, whilst trying to use my phone, I realised that there was an SOS only notification where the network bar was supposed to be. Under the impression that there could have been a problem with my phone, I tried various options like rebooting, taking out the sim card, etc…..however could not receive or make any calls.
An initial state of panic set in. I could not access email, could not make any card payments, could not book accommodation, which left me a bit helpless. You guys said that I could call 199 toll free, however that did not work too.

I begged strangers to offer me a hot spot connection, and the first thing I did was to try and get in touch with you guys via CHAT and figure out what was actually going on. I did manage to connect to a service representative only to find out that you guys have barred my account. WOW!!!!

Levels of my frustration started to increase but I successfully tried to keep my calm and begged for a resoultion as I was stranded. The rep did not seem to understand anything an it was very difficult to communicate with the individual. All I could understand is that I have exceeded my credit limit and need to pay 80 percent of the bill. How do I make a payment when the OTP of my credit card goes to my registered mobile which you guys have barred ???????
I asked the individual (Kxxxxxi) what was the amount that needed to be paid.She said she couldnt see it as the bill is generated on the 4th of every month and only then would you guys be able to tell me. Is this a joke ?. You are telling me to make a payment but you do not know the amount ? This actually made me laugh a bit, in all my distress.

Begging the stranger for some more hot spot time, I asked Kxxxxxi to put me on chat with a supervisor. After about 10 minutes, a supervisor (Yxxxa) appeared. I repeated my concern to him, but was given the same response that Kxxxxxxi gave me 10 minutes ago. One response from Yxxxa, “M sincere apologies for what happen. but as of now we are dont have the option on the same. ‘ Commendable written English, from a supervisor, and the front line face of your team, I must say. I also told him that I would tweet about this experience, but he didnt seem to give a damn.
The only person that provided the resolution to me at that point was the stranger in Australia providing me with the hot spot connection to speak to you guys. With all efforts in vain, and heightened levels of panic and fear setting in, I had no option but to thread on my so called holiday, without being able to get connected to anyone.
Being a loyal customer with Vodafone, I did not give up on you guys. I decided to try one more time after a day (on chat) hoping that you would be able to come up with a solution.
I got in touch with an Axxxxa, explained my helplessness to her, and she assured me that the reactivation team would temporarily reactivate my service for 48 hours and that would help me use my card and pay of this bill which is not yet generated .I thanked her, and waited patiently for a day but my service was not reactivated.

Got on chat again the next day, (hot spot again), by this time I had met a lot of strangers in Australia who were ‘HAPPY TO HELP ‘ and willing to let me use their internet to talk to you guys. I got Jxxxxo, who said the same thing, not even giving me a chance to make the payment, but telling me that I have to.

My confidence in Vodafone dropped at that point. I was in a state of shock. You guys held me at ransom in another country, alone, completely traumatized. And for what, to pay a bill which is due on the 18th of the month. You tell me I’ve exceeded my credit limit, but are more than happy to produce a bill of an exorbitant amount, and do not advise me that you are barring services, and just leave me guessing.

My so called holiday turned into a nightmare because of you guys. There were nights that I had to spend sleeping in the train station, lost my way a billion times, and even got robbed. And why, all because I banked on you guys to see me through. But in vain.

My journey with you guys ends here.

BANDRA, MUMBAI 400050, Maharashtra

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