Compliant Against Fraud Company Crop Technology

I have a complaint against fraud company Crop Technology which recently contacted me for data entry work on 5th March from number 72xxxxxxx7 by the name of Pxxxa. She told me that by entering 1000 forms as per their format and with 80%of accuracy As per them RS 6000 with be deducted from first month compensation of RS 3000 as registration amount. So they were about to pay me RS 24000 in first month after deducting registration amount and afterwards RS 30000. The data was to be uploaded on 6th March 12am. They asked me address proof and made some online agreement and gave User Id and Password to be used. Condition was to work on laptop or computer without multiple logins. They even done one verification call from number 90xxxxxxx1.So I started worked after 12am on 6th mid night. After entering nearly 12 forms my account got logged out and the message which was displayed was due to multiple login the account got deactivated. I messages the customer support and the number of Pxxxxxa but there was no resposne. I even sent mail on their customer support but of no use. Till 10 am on 6th no revert and not picking the calls/number switched off continued. I sent them message that if I don’t get revert I will nullify the terms. After that at around 10:35 I called on Pxxxx’s number and she was laughing that who will deactivated your Id at night and was asking me the registration money to which I refused as till that time I got to know that company is fake. Today I got the message from their so called legal department 97xxxxxx3 that they are sending me legal notice. Kindly help and resolve the issue.

Shaliza Bhandari
Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi 110053


    • Surabhi on 16/03/2019 at 4:49 pm

    Same suiation with me with same Company .How You com eout of it.

    • Sonam Majhi on 18/03/2019 at 1:26 pm

    Same situation with me also by same company. How I come out from that situation.

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