Different product received from Snapdeal vendor

I purchased the footwear item on the snapdeal on 19/11/2017 of Rs.3500 but i can not received my product on time and the sanpdeal leak my data to fraud dealer so after two day i recived my products with my same order and address details but its not origional n i recived the product and gave money to blue dart courier service when i open my product bag it not origion (nike shoes) i check the product detail its not delivered by snapdeal its delivered by other how they can leak my detail to fraud dealer . So i complain about it to snapdeal help center so they said that they are not responsible for it.so who is responsible in this. when i complain about it they have cancelled my order automatically..i give you my snapdeal order id and details. Order id:20404493159.

brijeshsinh parmar
Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Email: 1xxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com

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