Flipkart not accepting returns of orders with issues

I am providing the details of the issue.

1. Orders placed to purchase in the name of Axxxxa Jxxxxxn under registered email id as registered email id. Provided above

2. Orders got delivered on 23rd october with return policy applicable of 30 days from delivery.

3. All orders were placed for return on 24th october as not satisfied with size or quality and were accepted by system for return pick on 25th october.

4. Instead getting return picked on 25th the account got blocked and system automatically cancels return pick.

5. Mails exchanged andhone calls made to customercare and they said once account unblocked returns will be accepted .

6. After putting messages on twitter social media on 9th november the account got unblocked on 13th november and on the same day placed return requests and were confirmed to be picked on 14th. However they are not picked and again got cancelled automatically by system.

7. Then on 14th again placed return request and system accepted to be picked on 15th with messages served on mail and sms. However not picked even after coordinating with courier pick up person on conference call from HO.

8. On 15th again account blocked and unable to place any request and this needs to be taken legally with three return requests not fulfilled.

Anita J
Mulund west, Mumbai 400080, Maharashtra
Email: rxxxxxxxu@hotmail.com

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