Harassment from DTDC courier for delivery at door

I was sent a package from M/S Bliss Pharma , Order No1296 by DTDC courier. I received a call from the courier delivery person one, Pxxxxxu Sxxxxl at 3 15 on 16/08/2018 asking for directions. I live in the first floor. The courier standing on the road honked his bike and asked me to come down and collect the parcel. I refused and he just left. I tried contacting the local office of DTDC and their head office at Bangalore , there was no response from the former and the phone number for Bangalore was non existant. I sent an email to their customer care and got a case number 1219996. On 18th the same person B. Pxxxxxxxu delivered the package started berating me. Said that in apartments he handed over the package only to security and would not deliver to flat proper. He was extremely offensive . He shouted that I will never get any more parcels delivered to my address!. I contacted Mumbai head office who said that they would escalate the issue and gave two nymber of senior executives in Coimbatore, The phone kept ringing anfd there was no answer at all. I sent an SMS stating that there was a problem. They never got back.

Coimbatore 641041, Tamilnadu
Email: gxxxxxxxxm@yahoo.com

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