I had ordered a toy car (order # 62789821) from Shopclues in July 2015 for which i paid Rs 13000/- via credit card. I received the product on 2nd August 2015. However, soon thereafter on 4th August, i called Shopclues to return the product as i did not find the quality of the product to be good and also it had a defect in one of its motors. After a week of continuous chasing them, they informed me that they have approved to return the product and process my refund. So far so good. Its from hereon that my trial begins. For over a month now, i have been following up with them with 3-4 calls every week and multiple emails too, but to no avail. they keep sending me the same copy-paste email that they have arranged a courier to do the reverse pickup but not a single courier boy has shown up at my home. I have taken the call with the supervisor of the shopclues call center (some person named Mr. Rxxxxl Pxxxxxk) and all he did was give me a complaint number which actually did nothing to resolve the issue. i only got another copy of the same copy-paste email from the lady Ms.Uxxxxxxa who for the last 1 month has been sending me the same email over and over again. I even emailed them to let me know the details of the courier they have informed for the reverse pickup so that i can go and handover the product to him myself but all i get back in reply is the same copy-paste email.

What bothers me most is the how for granted they take customers with no regards for even the emails that we type. no matter what i write in my emails to them, they copy-paste the same email to me. It seems evident that they have no intention of taking back the product or making a refund. They want to tire the customer into submission till the time he himself stops calling or chasing up. This lack of empathy for their client’s situation is no short of robbing him of his hard earned money.

This is the first forum on which i am making this complaint and hoping it will help me get back my refund. Thanks for this platform.

Arun Goyal
Gali Kanda Wali, Nohriya Bazaar, Sirsa 125055, Haryana
Email: arun.goyal]@hotmail.com / 07/09/2015 / 5:01 pm

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