Solved Complaints 7

91. Non-receipt refund from Makemytrip:

Mr. Navneet Bhangu, Mohali, Punjab (Email: booked a return ticket from delhi to pune and pune to delhi back on 1 feb from make my trip. His first attempt was unsuccessfull and then he tried again. His second attempt was successful. He was however charged for two transactions. He talked to customer care people so many times but every time i got the same answer processing will be done in 72 hrs but nothing happened. He posted his complaint with ICF on 20-04-2011 which was taken up with MMT. Mr. Navneet Bhangu finally got his refund on or about 05-05-2011.

92. Excess deduction of MTS datacard recharge by – Rs.1009/-

Mr. DeepakSharma ( ) of Delhi recharged MTS data card with 999 on 30th of April two times. The data card was not recharged even once but the money was deducted from his account twice that (1009+1009=2018). The recharge was done through FreeCharge. He wrote emails to them but did not receive any reply. Mr. Sharma posted his complaint on 05-05-2011 and got his refund by 9th May 2011.

93. BagItToday order of TV set not received even after 30 days – Rs.22,049/-

Mr. Dipesh Salia ( ) of Mumbai had ordered from BagItToday a TV set for Rs.22049.00, on April 10, 2011, but did not received it despite repeated email and phone requests. He posted his complaint with ICF on 06-05-2011 and finally got delivery of his order on 09-05-2011.

94. Axis bank account not opened even after three months – Claim for refund:

Mr. K.M.V. Krishna ( of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh applied for a 3-in-1 account with Axis Bank on 08-03-2011 by paying initial account opening amount. But even after three months his account was not opened and he posted his complaint with ICF on 07-06-2011. ICF took up the matter with Axis Bank and Mr. Krishna got his money back by 20-06-2011.

94. Refund from –Rs.17,222/-

Mr. Angad Singh ( of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh had booked a honeymoon package for Dubai online. At the last minute when he reached Delhi airport to board the flight the yatra agent gave him a call to say that his visa was not issued and cannot board the flight. Mr. Singh asked for another package within India but the agent showed his inability to do anything. Then Mr. Singh asked for refund of my money which was 90,000-00. The money was refunded partially after deducting 17222-00 Rs. as cancellation. Since Mr. Singh did not cancel the trip and it was Yatra who cancelled instead they should pay for the inconvenience. Mr. Singh posted his complaint with ICF on 14-06-2011 and by 17th June 2011.

95. Complaint regarding fee item not given by Big Bazaar:

Mr. Mukesh Bhojwani ( of Jaipur Rajasthan purchased 1 kg bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup vide bill no.- T51/701, from Big Bazaar, City Square Mall, Gopalpura Byepass, Jaipur on 04-07-2011. Later, at home, he came to know that a free pack of 100 grams Heinz Gulab Jamun Mix with the bottle was not supplied by the Big Bazaar at the cashcounter. On raising a complaint with them on the telephone, they blamed Mr. Bhojwani that it was his duty to collect the same from them. He posted his complaint with ICF 06-07-2011. Big Bazaar delivered the free gift at his residence on 07-07-2011.

96. Refund from

Mr. Gaurav Lanjekar ( of Kasba Peth, Maharashtra had booked an air ticket on behalf of a friend from delhi to Mumbai on 2nd of June for 4th of June. At the time of booking money got deducted from his account but he got an email confirmation saying that the ticket was unconfirmed. There was no valid Airline pnr on the confirmation email. Since then Mr Lanjekr had been approaching for refund but refund was not forthcoming. He posted his complaint with ICF on 24-06-2011 and ICF took up the matter with Mr. Lanjekar got his refund on 07-07-2011.

97. Non-settlement of mediclaim by MD India TPA – Rs.22,451/-

Mr. Somnath Ganguly ( of Behala, Kolkata submitted a claim for hospitalization for Rs.22451.68 to MD India Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd. for hospitalisation claim of my brother-In-Law and submitted all the required documents and Indemnity, surety desired by the TPA. The claim was lodged on January 2011 and the same was processed with further documentation on 21.04.2011. His brother –In-Law died subsequently but the settlement of claim was delayed without any justified reason. Mr. Ganguly submitted his complaint with ICF on 21-06-2011 and ICF took up the matter with MD India. The claim was finally settled by MD India 08-07-2011.

98. Complaint against Tradus for non-delivery:

Mr. Nitin Jadhav ( of Gulbarga, Karnataka had placed order for Neva shorts on June 5, 2011 (Transaction ID: 1649598) from After a week, Tradus CC told that items were out of stock and they would refund my amount. Then after few days, a CC calls and tells me products will be shipped and tracking number will be given, but nothing happened. Mr. Jadhav neither got the items and nor the money. Mr. Jadhav posted his complaint on 27-06-2011 and finally got his refund by 15-07-2011.

99. Complaint against SBI / IHO regarding money saver card:

Mr. Sreedhar Jakkani ( received a call from Indian Health Organization, New Delhi regarding the money saver card. The Tele caller executive from IHO explained about the plan and etc. but never disclosed that they are going to give 4 cards. Without prior information IHO charged Rs.4400/- to his card. They had promised that the amount will be deducted from his account only after signing the documents but thru IVR the amount was deducted immediately. Due to this Mr. Jakkani wanted to cancel payment to IHO but his complaint was not attended to by IHO / SBI. He posted his complaint on 30-05-2011 and after exchange of communication between Mr. Jakkani and SBI the issue got resolved by and the disputed amount was reversed to his credit card account.

100. Claim for refund from Kingfisher:

Mr. Yash Tapadiya ( of Pune, Maharashtra tried to book ticket online on but due to problem in their website charges debited by kingfisher on 25/06/2011 without issuing ticket. Even after daily follow up, the refund was not processed. He posted his complaint with ICF on 14-07-2011 and got his refund by 17-07-2011.

101. Complaint against India Times Shopping for wrong delivery of product:

Mr. Arpit Srivasta ( of Jaipur, Rajasthan ordered for a mobile phone (BlackBerry Storm 9530 with 3G) with Indiatimes Shopping. While taking order Indiatimes Shopping did not inform that the phone they will be giving will be an used one which was later confirmed by their customer care. Mr. Srivasta logged a complaint for replacement / cash back. No step was taken by Indiatimes Shopping to resolve the issue despite reminders from Mr. Srivasta. He posted his complaint with ICF on 09-07-2011 and finally got his money back by 27-07-2011.

102. Refund from Makemytrip:

Mr. Rahul Gupta ( of Ghaziabad, UP had made hotel and flight booking on 07-07-2011 and subsequently had to cancel the said bookings. He got refund for hotel booking after repeated reminders but did not get the refund for flight booking. He posted his complaint with ICF on 25-07-2011 and got his refund on 27-07-2011.

103. Non-receipt of gift from ebay:

Mr. Sukant Gujar ( of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh had availed an offer from ebay whereby he would get a free 320 GB external hard disk with purchases above Rs 15,000/. Mr. Gujar had bought an item worth 23,490/- from and he was told the gift would be sent to him in 45 days. However, even after several follow-ups there was no sign of getting the gift. Mr. Gujar post his complaint with ICF on 28-07-2011 and finally got his issue resolved by 01-08-2011.

104. Refund from Yatra – Rs.2,187:

Mr. Anil Sivadas ( of Chennai, Tamil Nadu had booked one airline ticket from Chennai to Calicut on 7th Oct through Subsequently the flight was cancelled and Air India said that the amount will be credited to the customer’s account through yatra soon. There was no refund from Yatra till 3rd of November and Yatra informed that the refund would be credited to his account within 72 hours. However, Mr. Sivadas did not receive the refund even after two months and he posted his complaint with ICF on 02-12-2010. Mr. Sivadas finally got his refund on 24-12-2010.

105. Refund from Travelchacha:

Mr. Ankush Jain ( of Bangalore, Karnataka canceled a flight on 24/6/11 and Travelchacha said he will receive the refund amount in 25-30 days. It was more than 50 days and there was no sign of refund. Mr. Jain posted his complaint with ICF on 17-08-2011 and got his refund on 19-08-2011.

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