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2.2X surcharge applied even after applying Uberpass

I had received uber VIP pass promocode from Uber which promised that within a trip distance of 10 kms, max fare of 149 will be charged with no surcharge and no cancellation fee, for 10 rides. For my 4th ride, under uberpass category the price for my trip was shown 149 rupees. After trip completion, uber debited 319.33 rupees as they applied a 2.2x surcharge on 149. On raising a complaint, uber support said that based on demand, the trip fare can be updated to any amount without any notification, and they will not initiate any refund. Now this is highly unethical on two fronts: one: the upfront price plays a major factor in deciding which cab to book. If I were shown a 2.2 x surcharge will be applied, I would have never booked uber in the first place. secondly: they blatantly cheated by saying uber vip pass will have no surcharge, but then applying a 2.2 x surcharge anyway. Again, if I knew that they would apply surcharged rate even on uber vip pass, i would have never booked uber. I hope the authority looks into it and takes the company to task.

Ritabrata Chakrabarti
Kolkata 700156, West Bengal
Email: rxxxxxxxi@gmail.com
05/06/2017 / 5:46 pm

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