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Account disabled by Uber without notice or reason

I am a frequent uber user. I have taken several rides in uber. Most of the rides are of full fare and some were promo discounted. All the promos I have used are from uber and most of them are exclusive. Its been more than two years I have referred someone or never created any fake id to gain promo codes. I ve always been a loyal customer and very liberal in rider ratings.

To my surprise my account is blocked which was working well till a week ago, and when contacted the customercare, they too dont know exactly the flag. They say its a computer generated flag and my account cannot be used further.

As i am frequent user, I saved my credit card, debit card and paytm details in my uber account. Blocking my account without prior notice or any information, makes me unable to access my account and delete my saved details. My privacy is himdered, which is a fundamental right as the citizen of india.

Please work on this, and give me proper resolution, I am not going to use uber again, but want my details erased.

South patel nagar, new delhi-11008

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