Amazon cancels order without my consent

Thinking of a consumer right, any ecommerce website should not cancel or modify the already placed and confirmed orders.

I faced a situation where during some sale ordered a product Inalsa vacuum cleaner at really cheaper price 774 at amazon on Jan 22nd seller being cloudtail india pvt limited. And it was a prepaid order.

And the order got confirmed and shipped on the next day.

And the situation of me was awaiting for the product delivery

And it got reached my nearest point for the delivery in couple of days. And here amazons DRAMA begins…

It some how paused the delivery for next 4 days. Didnot get any call. Status of my order was “DELAY IN THE DELIVERY OCCURED, WILL UPDATE YOU WITH NEW DELIVERY DATE ASAP”.

I was still hoping for the delivery as I paid the product for really less price.. And some of other friends who ordered on the same day, same product, they got it delivered.

On 3rd Feb at exactly 12:37am got a msg from Amazon that refund amount 774 is linked to your ID. I suddenly checked the status of the order, to get shocked to see it as ” YOU RETURNED 1 ITEM IN THIS ORDER”

But, I know I haven’t done anything to modify the order. Amazon itself moulded the Order as I returned the order.

I quickly contacted the customer care to know that already the refund has been issued and they cant do anything. More over they were telling the price was the technical glitch and all the orders from seller are getting cancelled.

But I told some of my friends got the product delivered and he suddenly skipped telling I can’t talk about other products with you sir..

THIS IS ALL RUBBISH.. When the customers order gets approved /confirmation and it already got shipped.. They shouldn’t be cancelling the order without any prior notice to the respective customer.

And I was waiting for the product badly for 11 days to get delivered.

When the seller is cancelling every order. Why some orders with same product got delivered and why mine did not??

Delivered order of same product for my friend Order id: 405-8142219-067537
Providing every details with screenshots

Nikhil Kalakuntla
Rallabavi, Siricilla 505301, Telangana

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