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Austrian Airlines ordered to pay damages by Delhi Consumer Court

Case No.C.C./190/08

In the matter of:
Madhukar Goyal, Delhi-110 007.


Austrial Airlines, New Delhi
Lufthansa, New Delhi
Air India, New Delhi


Date of Argument : 28.8.2012

President : C.K. Chaturvedi

Present : Complainant in person along with Anwar Masood (adv.) Counsel.
Present: Prasoon Sharma (adv) Counsel for OP-II
Present: Ms.Tanupriya Gupta (adv.) Counsel for OP-III

The facts are that complainant who was returning from Viana to New Delhi, had booked for Business class from Australian Airlines on 16.6.2007. The schedule flight was cancelled and he was booked with another flight on next day with economy class and he had forced stay there one night. The difference of fare of the business class and economy class was about 40,000/- which was not returned so far, by OP-1. He also alleges discrimination, in not allowing him to Board by 1st flight, while a lady who came later was allowed.

OP-1 in reply admitted the facts and denied other discrimination.

We have heard parties. OP II/OP III are not liable for any grievances. Keeping in view all the circumstances and admission by OP-1 we award Rs.75,000/- as damages which include harassment and litigation expenses to be paid by OP-I.

The order shall be complied within 30 days of the receipt of the copy of the order; otherwise action can be taken under Section 25 / 27 of the Consumer Protection Act.

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