complaint against for denying withdrawal of funds
Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Complaint against for denying withdrawal of my funds

I met a girl named anna online ( who as per her is a malaysian) who happens to be a fund manager or finacial analyst something. She is working for some digital investment platform called, so after talking to her i invested rs. 300000 with the platform between 28th dec 2020 to 29th december 2020, in the account number given by her in the name of cosureindia trading private limited. on investment of 300000 i got a bonus of 80000 rs in the trading account. she was compelling me again n again to invest 500000 but i told her i have managed this with great difficulty, i can’t add more. Then she showed me a profit of some 18000+ rs. in my account. Then i withdrew a sum of rs.10000 from my beemall account successfully on 30th december 2020.

Then on next day 31st december 2020 she informed me that there platform had some problem and all the money got transferred to wrong account. But the remaining balance is still visible in my beemall account. Now when i try to withdraw its showing failure, n when i talked to anna about this she is asking me i should add more funds sometimes to a total of 500000 sometimes 1000000 then only she can help me get my money back or else i should forget my money and it will be stuck in there account. She is saying i have to meet some minimum transactions criterion before withdrawing my funds, whereas there is nothing such thing written in there policy or anything. Nor have they provided any customer care number on there website or app. i have all the chat of me and anna saved. please guide me what should i do.

Hoshiarpur 146001, Punjab


    • ravi on 29/01/2021 at 7:40 pm

    its a scam buddy… iam having a good time chatting up with this malaysian lady. she is trying to get me to invest into this. iam playing along for the last 2 months. they are persistent… simply means its a scam. u should have not invested in the scam. be aware there is no quick buck in the world.

    • Kotari on 03/03/2021 at 11:57 am

    Same one girl is chatting with me in wt app, other day I got message from UK number, saying I’m tourist, I want guide. I said I’m not that category, later she said wrong ping, but doing chat with me daily say something, etc, one day she asked me do you invest Goldman Sachs , it’s give big profit sharedbelow links also ,do sign up ,I will help how to earn https://www[dot]beemall[dot]in/#/pages/login/reg?invitecode=2MS6
    Other day I asked her after I saw her pic which she shared to me, your not from UK I think, you looking like Chinese, Malaysia I asked, she said I’m from Malaysia, this number when I studied in UK using same.
    Next daily message have you registered , continue , I told my family story, we are very poor, no money , she asked invest atleast 5k, came from 1 lac to 5k. She shared some screenshots today profit 3 lacs , like , he is from Bangalore, Mumbai, they got profit 60k in one day by investing 50k.huge money . Saying to me, I don’t tempet. Said not interested, still messaging to me,

    Next I said , big words
    Indians interested in Sex, not money, that why huge population in india compared to Malaysia, less rupees value .
    Her name Amy.
    Not investment yet.

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