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Complaint against fake job site indeed and money lost

Just two days back, I got a call from indeed job site saying that my resume has been shortlisted and there is a job in TCS for the post of Assistant Manager Content Management and my salary will be 5.5 lakhs pa. And she told that it’s a paid service and they are going to charge me Rs 2999. I thought that the paid service is good and I agreed and paid the full amount RS 2999 to indeed via paytm account. Pxxxxxa also told me that this is the full and final amount from indeed and I will not be charged further. Pxxxxxxa told me that they will give me some Reference ID which I should refer to TCS person upon my telephonic interview. After this, I again get a call from Pxxxa of indeed saying that I need to pay again Rs 8999 to get the REF ID and also she guaranteed me saying that the job is 110% pakka and the amount 8999/- will be refunded on Friday ie 4th Oct 2019. Pxxxxa also referred some person in TCS and he will refund my 8999 amount once I enter the TCS. Again I was fooled like before and paid the amount of 8999.00 from my husband’s debit card. And Pxxxa also told me that I will get a call from one more person of indeed saying that I will get a verification ID and I need to email my documents to indeed along with my verification ID. After all this hungama, I again get a call from indeed person by name Dxxxxxl saying that I need to pay again of 7999.00 to indeed which is again the full and final amount. This time I really got confused and started to ask many questions to Dxxxxl, actually I was irritated and pissed off with this indeed employees and started to tell, shout and asked to refund my total smount. But to my surprise, I was fooled saying that they will email me all the invoices for whatever amount I have paid, and the amount also will be refunded soon. But they did not guarantee when to the amount will be refunded. And yesterday was 2nd Oct 2019 and was a holiday. From today ie 3rd Oct 2019, I am trying to contact the numbers from which I got a call, and again as usual, they have changed the settings in their mobile phones and when I started to call the numbers from which I got a call, it’s saying that the “Vodafone number you have dialled is switched off”. How all the 4-5 numbers can get switched off suddenly. Even I want to specify the numbers and their names in this message so that the other person or candidate should not be fooled like me. So now that I have paid a total amount of RS 12000/- to indeed.
Please be careful while you speak to some job site like INDEED which is one of most fake job site and the employees there are big frauds.  If at all you get a call from Indeed and say that they will get a job for you, it’s all fake. Don’t believe them and transfer the amount to Indeed otherwise you have to struggle to get that amount back like how I am struggling to get back my Rs 12000 amount. Somebody please suggest me how do I register a complaint against this Indeed job site, we should not leave this fellow fraud

Bhanu Araballi
Bangalore 560040, Karnataka

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