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Complaint against forex services data entry job

I haven’t had a job for 7 month. I’m already having my EMI, family  expenses and all. I’m the one who is a responsible person to my family and struggling to get a job. One week ago i received a call from the Forex services company  (A guy name called Vxxxxxy Sxxxxxxa  ) for an online data entry job from home in which i have to complete a work of 700 pages within 7 days and asked me to whats app an Aadhaar card as an identity proof and photo and signature. I did as they told me to do, and they sent me an agreement attached with my photo and signature (As they photocopy of my photo and signature) then they mail me account and password to login for the work as i tried to login the account , they gave me helpline number for the work purpose and started work on 8th July , On 10th July while opening sites its get blocked . When I called the customer care for knowing the issue all numbers got switched off. Even though I tried email it bounced back. I tried to chat with Mr Vxxxxy sxxxxxa through whatsapp, but that also got blocked. Im keep on trying to contact them but there is no use. Later they sent mail on 15th July that I have to pay 5500 fine otherwise it will go legal. They provided a number that also switched off.

The very next day I sent mail to them , mail got delivered but there was no response from forex. On 18th Saturday i received a call from Ms  Axxxxa Sxxxxxxa (Advocate of Forex) as she claims herself as a lawyer of Pune high court, Maharashtra she told me to pay cancellation (Registration) fee Rs 5500 Immediately., Total 13000 and they threatened me to pay continuously. Even i got a call from forex they said pay Rs13000 or else talk with advocate (Ms Sxxxxa). When i tried to call them its not reachable from my number so I tried from a different number he picked my call , while I’m talking with a customer care guy who is not ready to listen to my point and arguing it’s blocked by me and they are not responsible , either pay or go for legal.  Already my career life is ruining  and  frustrated with my problems. It’s added one more and I can’t take much. They threatened me to pay or else be ready for legal . Until now i don’t have any remarks for legal issues and i don’t want to put this on me. I begged with someone and  transferred money to them. Without having a single rupees in my account I have paid 5500 somehow. After that there is no response from them until now(from Advocate and Forex).  Later i realized that, I got cheated from them.

My family people who are depending on me, in current condition 1 rupees also precious for me, this cheat happened and i can’t tolerate it. We are struggling for one time food these days, these companies are playing with poor souls’ lives. For the sake of the job they did trap on me. I dont know what I should do? Please help me in this critical condition. I need money back(Rs 5500) as a refund from that fraud company which I borrowed from someone. I hope you will work on it and get me positive results for my needy family


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