Complaint regarding Airtel SIM replacement issue poor support
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Complaint regarding Airtel SIM replacement issue

I am resident of Delhi and an Airtel customer for the past 10+ years. I was in Hyderabad, Telangana (Andhra Pradesh circle as per Airtel) between December 2016 until September 2022 and had requested to change my circle from Delhi to Andhra Pradesh.
I had relocated to Delhi on 2nd September 2022 and got my Aadhar updated to my permanent address in Delhi. However, could not get my circle updated with Airtel from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh to Delhi, hence after a few days my SIM stopped working suddenly and I visited Airtel CP Store, met Mr Ixxxxn who gave me a replacement SIM for INR 50/- telling me that the previous SIM got corrupted.
I had to travel overseas on 11th Oct 2022, and I asked Mr Ixxxxn in the CP Airtel store if the SIM would work in Canada for OTP services only and he confirmed that there would be no issues. I came to Canada on 12th Oct 2022, and as soon as I landed here, the new replaced SIM also stopped working, leaving me handicapped as I could not do any money transfers, or bill payments or any other mobile number-based authentications.
I have been chasing Airtel with help of my brother in Delhi to solve for this issue, I had written to Shahdara Airtel Store requesting them to hand over a replacement SIM to my brother with authorization letter and copies of my Aadhar, passport and visa. They took almost two weeks to tell us that I had provided a masked Aadhar and my request was declined, it took me another 2 weeks to get a new replacement SIM again.

Now, this SIM is not working as Andhra Circle Nodal Officer has to change my circle or activate it, I have written to Airtel again on this, but it seems they are not no longer interested in their consumers or their issues.

I have sent emails to nodalofficer.andhra[@[, and have been waiting for them to help solve this issue while I have no funds to support my living at Canada, I cannot pay my Indian credit card bills as my banks want OTP for payments and this issue will make me a defaulter in India if not solved by Airtel at the earliest.

Roshanara Road, New Delhi 110007

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