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Complaint regarding Bajaj Finserv pre-closure charges

First I took a Bajaj Finserv Flexi Drop Down loan about 10-12 months ago. Now I went for preclosure and contacted helpdesk through Mails. They gave me some amount list(ie if I go and pay them on 28th april its total amount is 15682, if I go on 29th april it is 16000, if I go on 30th april it is 16580 like that). I kept that statement in my mails and visited nearest Bajaj Finserv office and they have given me completely other figures(like for 28th april its 16800, 29th april 17600, 30th april 18300 like that). and with these two statements I can see nearly rupees 4000 difference amount for about 269000 outstanding amount. When I asked the same they didnot open their mouth without providing me any clarification, simple they took lesser amount which ever is there and behaved as if I didnot asked even a single question…. Dont I have any right to ask being a customer? and why there are two different figures for the same day transaction?

sadiq basha SYED
Miyapur, Hyderabad 500049, Telangana

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