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Replacement of Toshiba laptop battery:

Replacement of Toshiba laptop battery: Mr. S M Bakshi of Belagavi 590006, Karnataka bought a laptop battery (compatible, not original) for his Toshiba Laptop on 19 March 2017 from Expression Marketing and Services. It was bought on Ebay shopping portal and carried two years warranty. The battery worked well for six months after which it stopped working. On contacting the owner of the dealer, the customer was told to send it by courier and received another battery after some days.  The replacement battery too worked for only four months after which the customer sent it for replacement.  After this there was no support from the dealer / seller. Customer posted his complaint with ICF on 05-05-2019 and ICF guided the customer on the future steps. Customer finally got his replacement battery in good working condition on 24-05-2019.

S M Bakshi, Belagavi 590006, Karnataka
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