Complaint regarding cancellation of Flipkart orders
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Complaint regarding cancellation of Flipkart orders

Flipkart Agent’s negligence resulted in cancellation of my order. Value: 60019

I spoke with a Flipkart representative and inquired about the order cancellation process. I also made it clear that if I tried to cancel one order, both orders would also be cancelled. The Order ID was requested by the agent, and I gave it to him. Later, they cancelled my order and said they were putting my call on hold. My attempts to check my orders reveal that both have been cancelled. I questioned the agent about it, and they said that only one order had been cancelled and that another order had also been cancelled due to a technical problem. After I made the problem very clear, this has happened. The cost of the goods has now gone up. Why should I have to bear a loss due to Flipkart’s error?

Hyderabad 500028, Telangana

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