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Refund from Citrus Checkinns – Rs.20,000/-:

Refund from Citrus Checkinns – Rs.20,000/-:

Mr. Vineet Mampilly of Navsari, Gujarat (Email:[at] paid on 15-04-2013 a sum of Rs.20,000/- on the basis of the vacation packages offered by the representatives of Citrus Checkinns. However, later he found that the offers were not valid and Citrus Checkinns failed to honor them. Mr. Vineet Mampilly requeted for refund of his payment. As the refund was delayed he posted a complaint with ICF on 18-05-2013 and after pursuing the complaint with Citrus Checkinns he got his refund cheque on or about 22-05-2013.

Navsari, Gujarat - 24.05.2013

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