Complaint regarding data entry work from home job fraud

Complaint regarding data entry work from home job fraud

With due respect I beg to state that I had registered and applied for data entry work from home job on portal. I received call from mobile number +9195xxxxxx31 where a lady talked to me as an employee of SPECTRUM WEB TECH based in Gujarat who told her name as Mxxxs Rxxxxi. When she asked me about my job application for online data entry work and offered to do job with her company stated above, I asked to share details of the job profile and she sent me the same. The salary package was good and on project-basis . Her condition was that I need to fill and submit at least 404 out of total given 450 online data entry forms accurately within 5 days from the date of my registration with the company to get the salary amount which will vary from Rs. 14,948/- (INR) to Rs. 16,650/- (INR) at the rate of Rs.37/- (INR) per form. After submitting all the forms, a Quality Check report will be generated . And if I failed to submit the stated number of forms within the fixed time period of 5 days then I have to pay Rs. 4985/- (INR) as penalty. She sent an agreement form, a Rs100/- (INR) non-judicial digital stamp paper of Gujarat Court and asked me to submit my photo and signature and pasted the same on the digital paper. She also asked me to submit the scanned copy of my AADHAR card. Then she mailed me a login-in id and asked to start work creating my own password. I completed the project of filling all the given 450 forms and submitted. I contacted the customer care unit of the company and asked for my payment and they told me that they had generated my quality check report and I had failed to achieve the target of filling at least 404 forms correctly. So now they threatened me to take legal action on me if I could not pay the penalty amount of Rs. 4985/ (INR) as mentioned in the agreement. When I argued that I had filled all the forms with accuracy and asked them to show me where I had made mistakes, then they now offered me to deposit Rs.15530/- (INR) to rectify the mistakes from their side and which they said that would be refunded along with my salary after correction of the mistakes. I paid the amount and then they threatened me to pay Rs.50,000/- (INR) otherwise they would get me arrested with the help of Gujurat court. I refused to pay the amount. Since then they have been threating me with phone calls and mobile messages from different numbers sometime as police inspector, the other time as advocate and fearing their threat I have blocked their numbers. So I have already lost the amount of Rs.15,530/- (INR) to these frauds. I am under severe mental pressure and pray you to kindly help me get back my money and take necessary action against these fraud organisation as soon as possible since I belong to a very poor family and this amount is much much more for me. I am writing their phone number details and attaching their letters here.
I should be highly obliged to you if proper action is taken on my complaints

Rayagada 765029, Odisha


    • Pcd on 10/02/2021 at 6:50 pm

    I am going through the same situation. But I didn’t pay a single penny. Now they sent me a legal notice. It says I have a hearing in some court in Gujarat on 15th of February. So I went to police to make a compliant. They said everything is fraud and there is nothing to worry about. They are just taking advantage of our fear. Just say them you won’t pay or do anything. And if things gets out of hand, always remember that police department is always there to help us.

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