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Complaint regarding fake job offers

On 31st May a girl called me explaining a great job opportunity as I have shown interest online previous week on quicker site. She stated that she from Carrier Tech and Job and payment is very genuine. I agreed to register as initially no fees/no targets mentioned in the quicker site.  I tried asking for some proofs of the company but she declined and keep saying its genuine so once register only will receive any proof but not before. She tried to convince on the one-time fee of Rs. 1500/- split of 1,000 + 250  was agreed and paid on the details given to me.  She told a trainer namely R…………..a will call me and explain or give training on how to proceed with work.

The email I received is from Analect company about the work and the sample of work. But nowhere it mentioned that I had to store my work in individual files. Secondly, the company name is different. When I checked on this with Cxxxxxa and Rxxxxxxxa, both are numb on this topic after repeated questions from me on this.

Rxxxxxa called me at an odd time while I was driving, later when I called 3 days did not respond, and on the next instance, she replied to me but not trained me saying she had many people in the queue and, to start my work. She was very reluctant to clarify my doubts to inform me where to send the finished work to when I called to confirm the email address. At last moment she was asking me to refer to the terms and conditions of the company to find the correct mail which she was expected to do at the first-day work training.

Finally, as there was a time constrain of 6 pm Friday, I had sent my finished data work to the email I received the work. On Saturday morning I received an email from Analect saying your work ID is been terminated as we have not received work in time. I called Cxxxxxa and Rxxxxxxxa about this feedback and it’s their negligence of communication and training which made me make an error and to rectify it. Cxxxxxxa told me will check and I keep calling her regularly but all stupid answers and no one responsible.

Now, this is a Pandemic season of Corona, I took this work for my family member who lost a job due to current situation and we tried to earn some money to meet our commitments. I urge some severe action against these Data Entry companies which are taking advantage of people during the worst situation and making us further stressed and demotivated. We worked day and night to finish this work and finally the company and people involved in it have cheated us. Indian Government should scrutinize these fals/fake data companies and terminate their licences as that is when they learn lession of good faith in dealing with people.

Prasanna Kumar
BENGALURU 562107, Karnataka

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