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Complaint regarding network business opportunity from QNet

I was informed by my fiancee and was taken to their HSR layout Qnet office with my fiancee. We were very reluctant to attend the meeting of how to earn money via network business as we presumed there would be some kind of trap and investments. We are called on daily basis and was literally harassed on the phone to take up this booming business.

Finally, by force of my fiancee friend namely Jxxxxxe we were led to office and to attend meeting by force as even if we wanted to leave the premises they separated both of us and tried to brainwash each of us separatley. I was very much clear saying no money and cannot invest anything at the moment. But my fiancee was trapped in the room  by saying tricky  words so she agreed to convince me and made us to invest.

I denied saying no money in bank and nor could give any cheque but they did not agree and tried to suggest all payment modes. At no choice of trap we barrowed some money from friends close to Rs.5,000/- and become partners of their Qnet network business. Till then they had not informed anything except investment and it automatically grow as they use our money to buy products and will return interest in sum regularly in huge returns.

The human desire to earn money we agreed to it. But once we paid the story is different and they started informing search for other friends and family memebers as you make them join you earn more money on top of it. I immediatly asked them to cancel the investment for which we paid. They denied it and we were helpless at that moment and spoke to many authorities to convince we had some emergency too.

They are cheaters as everyone tried to suggest we need to speak to the VIP club member of this firm and when called him, he never responds, waited and waited, wrote many emails at least to refund the money or some nutrious products but they were still today packing our products and neither sent any nor received any refund.

This is hard money of our sweat and blood and these goons play games and not responsible for any refund till today. I keep writting mails every once in a month and everytime a different person calls me and says we are working on a refund or to send you the products. This is the only reason we are hold to complaint to police or any other firm.

We spent lots of money to find people.

Prasanna Kumar
BENGALURU 562107, Karnataka

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