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Complaint regarding form filling job fraud

On 15th of february, i received a message from a girl named as dxxxa sxxxxxxa, who was contacting for work from home job. She told that we colud join and earn  35000 rupees monthly by just filling up 1400 forms in 10 days. i was hesitating  but she kept messaging and messaging until i  was fed up and receive her call.she anyhow convinced me, and took my aadhar card photo . then anyhow i completed the work and submitted it. i am sure i have typed almost everything correct. The rule they told that atleast filling 90% of forms correct. That is 1260 forms. And i am completely sure i have atleast 1260 forms correct. They made a pdf file and made it password protected,and told me to download it . then they told us to wait for the qc report. after the qc report came , they gave yhe password to the pdf file and we saw that qc report  had failed . after checking , i found that i had lot of mistakes which is impossible. Now they mailed me about paying  7500 rupees as fees, i paid that feea . then they sent another mail about paying 61500 rupees in 2 days . How is that possible ? i am a lower class family and i needed money, so i did that work. but now they are harassing me and blackmailing me about legal cases . i want my money back and please help me to get out of this .

Satya Nagendra
Kakinada 533006, Andhra Pradesh

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