Complaint regarding Hitachi AC quality and service
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Complaint regarding Hitachi AC quality and service

I bought Hitachi AC  in 2017 which is of substandard quality and their authorised center and services have completely made the AC machine redundant ( within 1 year AMC purchase).  Hitachi product which is highly priced than other peer companies like Voltas but unfortunately even after paying higher price my machine is substandard quality

My window AC breakdown happened on 27 May’2021. Referencing my recent complaint no for the same window AC which is pending till date and no satisfactory service response has been received till date and now your authorised center is demanding me to pay a ~hefty INR 5000 to replace cooling coil ( for the issue which is lingering on for almost a month)

I would like to highlight the following issues and seek your urgent attention to my recurring issues and mental torture faced by me due to recurring malfunctioning of AC and the response of your staff.

1. This AC product is substandard Quality  –> I purchased this AC (model no RAT518HUD) in April, 2017. Post1 year only the cooling coil got changed as the gas leaked. Post that multiple times, the cooling gas leaked and refilled. Ever since I bought this product, it did not work properly even in one summer season (except the first year)of purchase.

2. Product ( AC)  condition deteriorated when it started going to the authorised center for repair. From the last 2 year, this product is completely in bad shape. ( Refer to my complaint dated 23rd May ’20, where the front grille was not fixed properly and till date it is not resolved. Whenever I get the AC back from this center, every time there is some new issue or product/ part is damaged.

3. Misleading & deceptive information –> Your executive ( Txxxxn Kxxxxxr as per AMC paper) who sold AMC to me, assured me that my both AC’s are in a good condition  and Hitachi being a japanese manufacturer, is a great purchase Hence, i don’t need to go for comprehensive AMC and semi comprehensive is best for me and sold me incorrect plan of this substandard quality product. You may argue with me that my place where these AC’s are installed are near the dirty drain and hence, this problem is then why did your executive who claimed to be expert of this aree ( my resident place) and machine, did  not advise me to go for comprehensive AMC which i should have taken at that time. This is fraudulent
I had requested Hitachi to support me either of the following options :-

A — In light of the above facts and due to global pandemic and deadly second wave in India (especially in Delhi), allow me a one time waiver (100%)  of change of AC coil. During my AMC extension ( I 2022) , I will buy a comprehensive plan so that I don’t need to go through such harassment again. Due to Covid Pandemic, most of the consumer goods companies ( & others too), have been sympathetic to their clients, they extended the warranty and extraordinarily supported them in such difficult times & requesting  the same from Hitachi too.

B– If you cannot provide option 1, then allow me to buy an AC coil from outside and give it to your technician to fix and refill the gas ( as per my AMC T&C).  As Hitachi AC coil is highly expensive than the normal market rate and I have already witnessed that the current coil did not last for more than 2 years then why do I spend huge money to buy same sub quality product

I have already wasted my month and today I am living without AC due to no fault of mine. The only fault is that i chose to buy a good AC for my family ( which is a bit more expensive than its peer companies like Voltas etc) . Still, I am getting quality issues every time.

Please address my complaint immediately as from the last 4-5 days AC is lying in your authorised service center & no one is bothered to support me.

1.  Need 100%  waiver on coil charges due to insufficiency of services & quality issues  that i am facing with my AC

Moti nagar, New Delhi 110015

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