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Complaint regarding hotel booking through Makemytrip

I had booked this for my fiancee and her colleague who were travelling to delhi on a business trip. Makemy trip had this listed as 3 star and based on vicinity from airport ,booking was from 15th nov 2018- 18th nov 2018.
The rooms they were alloted were miserable from start . earlier they were given different room on 15th. because they complained that room isnt fit for anybody to stay. they changed it on 16th which was not improvement over the other. on 17th morning they had given keys to reception for cleaning and change of sheets and washroom.when they returned around 9, they immediately called me to inform that someone had recently smoked in their room and as if to tell what can you do about it , bud was lying in the washroom itself. even after their repeated calls to reception service manager did not pay heed to come and check. however the guy who brought food entered and picked the lying bud.
it was then i called makemytrip support who brought also the service manager online. he kept denying it that no it must be from the adjacent room. but when i said i will officially complain, he said he would go over and check. he did went to their room , but didnt enter to check and kept saying we are sorry we didnt clean your room and all other room.
even the makemy trip support person who said who would get back to me after speaking to manager didnt.
i am also attaching the screenshot of my makemytrip page where it still says complain not resolved and they have added 1000 as my wallet bonus. but who cares for wallet bonus. i guess this is one of a hotel where hotel staff enter into travellers room to smoke.

i want action to be taken against both makemytrip and hotel who show completely different pictures while booking and offer poor service. also i would like to be compensated for the trouble it caused the people who were staying there.

ASHUTOSH Choudhary
JAYANAGAR, BANGALORE 560072, Karnataka

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