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Complaint regarding Idea connectivity issues

It’s been almost a month since i started to experience this wierd connectivity problem with my idea cellular limited sim card. The problem that i’m currently experiencing is that the connection status goes to 0dBm all of a sudden even when we have mobile towers of idea cellular limited all around the place. The 0dBm signal strength presists for 2 min and the thing gets back to normal for some time. Then it happends again. The problem gets more rapid and frequent at night time. I have never experienced this problem from the morning to noon till the current date.First i thought that my phone might be the reason for the sudden signal loss. But later i found out that all of my friends in a 5 km radius around my place is currently experiencing the same problem as mine. We don’t know what is causing this wiered connection loss phenomena around our place. We can’t even play PUBG at night time with our friends due to this problem, downloading files from the internet too has been made a frusturating task by this connection problem. You guys should better fix this signal loss problem fast or we have no other choice than to port to another network who really takes the user experience of their consumers serious. If you guys can’t fix it fast thrlen atleast find out whats going on and tell us, cause we have the damn right to know whats happening …

Indrajith Vinod
Parathodu 686518, Kerala

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