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Complaint regarding import of products through DHL

My parcel was shipped from Australia on 7th Feb 2020 through DHL. I got a message to upload KYC on 7th, which I did within 5 minutes. On 8th my courier reached Delhi. On 10th i got a call from DHL services (clearance support agent, Rxxj Sxxxxxa) to upload commercial invoice then it can be proceeded further. I uploaded invoice pdf within minutes. Then I got a call from him on 11th to inform that this package has more than 10 items, so it cannot be shipped through courier you have to ship through cargo, so send a TP form or ship through DHE. I again got a call the same day saying it has many chemicals, oils and butters there will be many NOC required, we cannot ship through DHL,either you do RTO or write TP letter or come to Delhi Airport, we will open the parcel in front of you. Since I was driving, I asked him to send everything in email, as I have no idea about the short forms (abbreviations) you are using and these technical terms and won’t be able to remember everything, for which he replied OK I am shooting an email right away. I waited for a day, but did not receive any mail. I sent an email the next day to remind that I have not received any mail. I got a call again, on 12th Feb, this time it was Vxxxa on call. She told me you need to get a 14 digit AD code from your bank,upload id and scanned TP letter. I told them I have no agent nor am I a dealer. Under the email there were charges written for customs on hold, which were 5000 each day for 3 days, then 10,000 each day. I called them twice to ask why would I need to pay anything when I am providing all the documents on time, but no one picked the call. I went to the bank they have no idea about AD code. One person in bank told me that it is for import and export and is provided to registered business and companies having current account which I don’t have. I already informed them it is for personal use and to be delivered on my personal address.
To clarify further, the parcel contains raw materials to make cosmetics, none of which is hazardous, and all the details like msds, technical data, lab reports have been sent to them in a 156 page pdf file by the shipper.
I have emailed the shipper(institute of personal care sciences) about this matter, they say we ship atleast 2 such kits daily throughout the world and never had a problem. One was shipped to India two weeks back and it reached within 4 days without any problem.
I have tried my best to contact them and provide with all the explanation and documents i could. Now I am unable to understand how to proceed further. Please help.

Shivani Kaithwar
Dehradun 248006, Uttarakhand

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