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I have posted my resume on on march 9 , 2018… I had received a call from a lady ..who introduced herself as ‘Mxxxxn’ and a recruiter …. She said that there are some jobs in hdfc bank.. all jobs are sitting jobs like cashier, accountant etc… She told me that your CV is selected for HDFC bank.. you have to go to Chandigarh for interview.. she told me that if you clear the interview … U have to pay rs 3000 to the interviewer as for training purposes…I said ok .. then I went to Chandigarh for interview on the address she sent me .. The address was SCO 146-147 , SEC.34A .. when I reached there.. after some time they called me for interview. I however cleared the interview.. and they selected me for the post of cashier… Now they asked me for rs 3000 for training purposes . I gave them rs 3000 and they gave me receipt of rs 3000 … They said me that you will get a call from bank within 15 days just to verify your details.. But no one called me since a month.. in between that i called them many times ( where I went for interview) they always said me that they will arrange a call.. on April 3 from a person who said that he was speaking from HDFC bank and want to have a telephonic interview.. he interviewed me and said me sorry that u didn’t clear and we will take your interview in next 15 days.. I went to Chandigarh at the place where my interview has taken on April 5.. I told them that no bank has telephonic interview .. but they refused to agree and said that they will arrange a direct interview in bank for me… In 15 days.. but they never called me till today.. now I call them today and they r offering me a personal loan selling job … Please help me.. I have the call records with all of them…

Shubham Jain
Ludhiana 141008, Punjab

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    • Debolina Sarkar Roy on 05/05/2018 at 10:56 pm

    I get an job offer from aro service for the post of ground staff csa,they ask me that I was selected for their training program and take 1200Rs. From me for documents verification but now they did not respond my call and did not contact me. I have all the documents regarding the job offer by them

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