Complaint regarding job offers from Jobfter company

Complaint regarding job offers from Jobfter company

I have got a fake work opportunitie from the website / company called Jobfter, they gave me 500 documents and said that I have 5 days to complete it, then when I completed the work they just started to avoid my messages when it came for payment, after that they said that I have not completed the work properly and I have not reached the accuracy so they said I have to pay 5500+ 18% GST to the company as portal charges and if not have to face legal actions by the court and they threatened by calling me and messaging me through whatsapp and they tortured by saying that they will sue me , and these this are not mentioned in the agreement which they give earlier, in agreement if the work is not complete then the worker have to pay the portal charges, but there is no mention of if work has not attained particular accuracy then the person have to pay any charges , so please consider my complaint as I am a 19 year old student and, I just wanted to earn some money, but these scammers are too horrible for young people, so please take action on them

Puttur 574202, Karnataka

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